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Emily & Liz arranging flowers in the farmstand
This year our good friends Nat & Matty built a new farmstand on the property, and it opened this summer, right when we started bursting with produce. It was built from rough cut black locust lumber from trees that Andy took down on various jobs this last year. We had a portable mill come early this year and prepare all the boards and studs. Then in the spring, our buddies dug a large hole along the driveway and built this structure halfway underground, covering the stand with top soil and native grasses and flowers. It helps keep the north-facing stand cool on the hot days, and serves as the on-farm CSA pickup and the flower arranging area on days the stand is closed, which helps free up the relatively cramped root cellar. It has been a welcome addition to our farm as a place to market more of our produce and flowers locally. We’ve had fairly steady customers, and hope it picks up more when the farmer’s market ends in a few weeks. Roots, tubers and garlic are some of our largest crops, and we are planting our hoophouses with winter salad, so we expect to offer food into December this year.

Open Wednesdays, Thursday, Fridays from 2-6pm. Cyclists get 10% off. Join the farmstand email list here.



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